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I believe that to be happy and fulfilled as women working in the fields of journalism, media, social and tech we must not sacrifice our confidence, our work-life balance nor sense of self.

All too often we ‘masculinise’ ourselves in order to succeed and fit in at these traditionally patriarchal industries, losing the confidence to be our authentic female selves along the way.

BeachThen there’s the pressure of being different, sometimes the only female voice in the room, which can lead to devastating feelings of ‘imposter’ syndrome, confidence loss and anxiety.

As a trained coach and mentor, I transform my clients’ confidence, helping them to realise their potential and getting them to where they want to be in both their work and home life.

Having spent 20 years, until 2021, as a senior journalist and news editor at BBC News and BBC Sport, I understand first-hand the demands of working in these types of environments.

I’ve fought for everything from equal pay, equal job opportunities and equal respect in very male-dominated departments, while male colleagues have intentionally or unintentionally patronised me, mansplained subjects or talked over me in meetings.

I’ve had all the big clichés happen to me, from being mistaken for the work experience tea-maker when I was a mid-level manager, to once discovering a more junior male staff member I managed earned at least £10,000/year more than me.

I also faced major challenges when, in my thirties, I went almost clinically deaf and had to keep up with the demands of my journalism career with very little organisational support, causing exhaustion, confidence loss and huge amounts of anxiety.

I was extremely lucky to get my hearing back after several surgeries and vowed, going forwards, to always live the most content, fulfilling and enriched work and home life possible – knowing full well life throws us some interesting curve balls at times – and I want to help others do the same.

This is how my coaching business began in 2017 and I’ve loved seeing the women I coach thrive.

I also have a background as a Samaritans listening counsellor and, although coaching is all about moving forward with action, I have lots of experience going back many years listening, empathising and building trust.

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For more information on what coaching is, what it can do for you and the difference between coaching and mentoring, please visit my Frequently Asked Questions page.

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